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Disability Parking with Better Stops

ADA Parking Block - Wheel Stop

When it was introduced in 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act broke ground for civil rights and made America a better place for individuals with disabilities. While most of the regulations in the ADA don’t give business owners much choice in how they display their handicapped parking spots, parking stops are something of a gray area. Here at Better Stops there are better options than a traditional concrete parking block. Better Stops Parking Blocks withstand harsh weather Often businesses will indicate handicap parking with markings on the pavement. Perhaps using blue lines to indicate the parking spot, or placing the handicap symbol within the designated parking area. While this may work in a place like Florida, a business owner in Michigan has much more to worry about. Considering the heavy snow fall most northern states face, not to mention the long duration of winter, it can be difficult for patrons to see markings made on the pavement. With Better Stops variations in color Parking Blocks, we carry a Blue Parking Block that can be designated for Handicap accessible parking! Visibility, Better Stops parking Blocks are easier to spot than concrete options One major issue with concrete parking blocks is that they are often the same color as the parking lot to upon which they are mounted. This can make them difficult for drivers to see as they pull into parking stops. This issue has only been compounded in recent years by the invention and proliferation of the backup camera. It’s difficult enough to differentiate a gray bump on gray concrete, now drivers have to do it using a grainy camera that would embarrass a cell phone. While parking blocks are designed to withstand impacts from vehicles, over time it will result in wear and tear regardless of the material the product is constructed from. The only options are to choose a high visibility Better Stops Parking Block or to paint a concrete parking stop. Painting, however, produces its own slew of problems…

There is no need to paint Better Stops 100% Recycled Parking Blocks Whether a business owner opts to paint the parking area in blue or paint a concrete parking block blue, repainting will be required. Paint will inevitable fade in the sun and weather will chip it away over time. Re-painting can be costly both in terms of materials and man-hours. Better Stops Parking Blocks are colored blue throughout the block so even if they get scratched they are completely blue. Better Stops Parking Blocks have a Lifetime Warranty and give parking lots a nice aesthetic while indicating where the handicap parking is located.

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