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Reasons for Wheel Stops in Parking Lots


Whether someone likes it or not, there are some people who would forget to put on brakes of their cars when they step out of their vehicles and go somewhere. Unfortunately, without any parking blocks, there are a few vehicles that would seem to start moving by themselves. With this in mind, it is highly recommended that Parking Blocks should be installed in designated areas where vehicles can be parked safely. There are parking lots where it is thought that concrete curbs are enough to prevent damage to life and property. That’s where they are mistaken. They will face more than just physical damage to cars, for instance. They can face legal damages. That’s why we should consider placing parking blocks so, as to prevent front or back dents on vehicles with legal height from getting damaged on these curbs or other cars. Parking blocks also control curb overhang that can be hazardous or dangerous to pedestrians. With parking blocks, there will be an allowance for pedestrians to pass by. These can inhibit encroachment towards an opposite parking space and can prevent vehicles from bumping into each other while they are parked. They should be installed in order to inhibit contact with end barriers like high curbs or other cars. The damage to any vehicle can’t be avoided even when they are parked. But, with parking blocks, people can make sure that there is a barrier between cars, curbs and maybe a pedestrian or two!

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