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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Better Stops Merry Christmas

This Holiday Season, We here at Better Stops want to take time and thank everyone that has made this company come to life. We appreciate all of you from family members to customers (which now ARE family) to our suppliers! We actually LOVE what we might not be a glamorous product but we will always strive to give it our top priority! We sell parking blocks and speed bumps....but, we sell the BEST there is out there. That is why we offer a lifetime warranty on everything we sell, that's just how awesome we know our products are!!! Our team is one that I am proud to call family and friends, we have been together for almost 30 years, and I would not have lived my life any other way! We have laughed together (maybe more than we have should!!!), cried, watched the miracle of each other's children come into this world, and, watched others move on out of this world. There are not to many people out there that has shared the closeness and bond that our families shared together all this time, that is why I chose to be part of this team at Better Stops, we stand behind each other... We love what we do.. we give you the best quality...we stand behind our products, we stand with you! Merry Christmas to each and every one who is a part of the Better Stops family, we hope it is ALWAYS merry and bright! The Team, Aaron Ashley Jeremy

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