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Parking Lot Guidance...Keep it Simple!

Imagine you are the potential customer, driving down the street, see the store, slow down, see the driveway with an arrow pointing from the street into the parking lot and next to it is some more yellow paint on the pavement that might be a word. You are trying to figure out which driveway to use, Is that the one? Where does your eye go? The arrow of course! So, an arrow pointing in or out is easy to see, has a clear meaning, whereas the wording painted next to it is redundant - it adds no more information, and adds visual clutter to the markings. Pavement marking is communication. The lines and stencils on a lot should be simple, visible, and have a clear meaning. Parking spaces should be marked clear with a parking block (a Better Stops Block?!?....Great Idea Reader!!!) that shows a clear and concise stopping point for your car. Every line, parking block and speed bump (We have you covered here as well!) should have purpose and meaning.... people and businesses tend to forget that the parking lot IS your first impression......why not make this a great and lasting impression, that you as the owner, takes pride in all aspects of your business!!!!

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