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Why Plastic Parking Blocks Will Save you Time and Money

Parking blocks are an essential safety tool to help distracted drivers from causing injury or property damage. Designed to prevent drivers from rolling onto sidewalks or into other parked cars, parking blocks keep drivers and pedestrians safe while reducing damage to curbs and other vehicles in any indoor or outdoor garage, retail, commercial and business parking lot.

Better Stops recycled plastic parking blocks are not only good for the environment, but are good for the safety and security of the parking lot. Inattentive drivers make up a huge portion of parking lot accidents. By installing parking blocks you can have an extra safety control in place to limit the liability of the building owner. The benefits of plastic parking blocks go beyond safety. Better Stops parking blocks are durable, long lasting and won’t crumble over time like cement blocks. They can be mounted to concrete or asphalt and are considerably lighter than concrete.

The Better Stops Advantage

  • Bright Colors - to help increase nighttime visibility. Our color is throughout and will not chip or wear off like cement blocks that have to constantly be repainted.

  • An All New Design - specially engineered for maximum flexibility and virtually non-warping

  • Lightweight Material - for easy installation and low shipping cost.

  • Easy Installation - with pre-drilled holes to use as guidance. Our installation hardware is included in our price = No hidden costs

  • Weather Resistant Material - making them virtually maintenance free as they won't chip, crack or deteriorate from weather or road salts.

  • Made from 100% Recycled Material - which contributes to a cleaner environment.

  • Life-Time Guarantee - need I say more

Summer is the perfect time to do a maintenance update on your parking lot. Call us today to get a quote or browse our full line of products online

And if you really want to spiff up your parking lot area, add some of our outdoor furniture to be able to sit and ponder at the AMAZING and beautiful parking lot you have created!!

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