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The Need For Parking Blocks

When you are creating or renovating the parking lot on your commercial property, the layout must provide your customers and employees with an optimal parking experience. There are many factors that go into a safe and efficient parking lot, such as well-marked parking stalls and safety signs. However, many property managers don't fully understand the importance of curbs and wheel stops (parking blocks). Curbs and wheel stops are important safety measures for your property's parking lot, both for drivers and pedestrians. Here are several reasons why you should install curbs and wheel stops:

1. Security

The last thing any business needs is for a customer or employee to have damage to their car while it is in their parking lot. Parking blocks help protect your visitors’ cars in a busy, crowded lot in the most direct way: by offering a physical brake on any parking overshoots. They may not even realize it, but you’re doing your employees and guests a favor by protecting their fenders from accidents. It also prevent the vehicles from making contact with your curbs...less damage to them mean a longer time before having to replace.

2. Efficiency

Parking blocks also make it easier to maintain an orderly parking lot with efficient traffic flow. Along with painted lines, parking blocks help to define spaces and avoid impolite or inefficient parking practices and they can also be useful for directing traffic flow in a desirable way.

3. Safety

The safety of visitors in your parking lot is also incredibly important. By delineating parking areas and providing a physical barrier to traffic, parking blocks move traffic into defined channels and prevent dangerous driving behaviors like cutting across spaces or pulling between cars with a limited field of vision.

4. Appearance

With more than 20 years of experience in the parking block industry, we know that customers appreciate the aesthetic value of a well-maintained and properly managed parking lot. Maintenance free parking blocks is a great way to enhance the overall look of your parking lot. With a variety of colors available, install blue parking blocks in handicap spaces and a separate color for the rest.

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