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Protect Your Deck

When building a parking garage, there are many factors to consider...what material to use, layout, pedestrian flow, etc. Too often overlooked is how to prevent vehicles from damaging the structure itself. The use of parking blocks (properly installed) allows drivers to confidently pull all the way into spaces preventing cars sticking out into traffic. At the same time reducing the chances of them hitting the walls and support columns.

Parking blocks have come a long way from the old, heavy concrete blocks (200-300lbs EACH) that add unnecessary weight to the deck. The use of one of our 100% recycled 6' Ultra Blocks weighing in at a mere 21lbs is the perfect solution. At one-tenth the weight of concrete, these blocks give the needed protection without the load bearing concerns.

Installation is also a concern since drilling holes into the structure weakens it and can lead to premature deterioration. By using an anchor plate installation, these can be safely attached to the structure using a two-part epoxy. And since our Ultra Blocks are made with an oval hole, they are able to expand, contract, and move with the structure preventing damage to the block and structure.

To find out more about these blocks, check out our product pages!

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