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Which Type of Parking Block is Best?

I'm sure this question has been keeping you up at night like it does everyone else. It is a question that we receive more than all others, so we will answer this in our first blog.

There are three main categories: Plastic, Concrete, and Rubber. We will leave hollow plastic (think Little Tikes) out of the conversation as they last approximately 37 minutes before they are cracked/smashed/destroyed and rendered utterly useless.

100% Recycled Plastic Blocks are the new standard and are just starting to become more widely used. We are talking about rigid, nearly indestructible blocks (extruded/molded) that come with a lifetime warranty. They come in a variety of colors that is throughout, so even if they get scratched they still look great...eliminated the need for painting each year. They are also much lighter than other blocks, meaning you can install these with just one person saving on labor (and worker's comp claims).

Concrete has been the standard for years as being a cheap and sturdy option out of the gate. These are extremely heavy and require multiple people to install. They also look great immediately after being installed, however the honeymoon stage only lasts for about a year. If you chose to paint them a nice yellow...plan on having to repaint them yearly to keep them looking great. The labor cost involved in maintaining concrete blocks actually makes them a more expensive option over their lifetime...which might not be all that long. Another issue that plagues concrete blocks is that they crumble and don't last as long as you would think. Painting prolongs their life, but only so long.

Rubber was thought to be the solution to concrete for a while. These are lighter like the plastic blocks so one person can install. However, the process used to manufacture them (gluing a bunch of ground up rubber pieces together) does not hold up for very long. These tend to split, crumble, and become misshapen within a year or two and have to be replaced often.

I know what you are thinking...yes, I'm a little biased towards the plastic blocks...and you are correct. There is a reason that we only sell 100% Recycled Plastic Blocks. For us, there is no comparison...if you want a block that you can install and forget about, one that will look great for years, there is only one choice.

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