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 Why we love what we do

Parking Blocks - Wheel Stops made from 100% Recycled Plastic with Lifetime Warranty

Our story is one of hard work and dedication. We believe in the products we sell, they are made of 100% post-consumer & post-industrial recycled plastics from our communities and they are made by our communities right here in the USA!

Our parking blocks and speed bumps come with a lifetime warranty. Our customers know that our products are virtually indestructible, will not crumble or fade and the best priced blocks and speed bumps on the market today!

Our parking blocks and speed bumps have been made since 1987, so they are not new to the market, this is where our hard work and dedication begins. We believe so much in these products, that’s why we dedicated our time to bring these to you in one place: BetterStops!

This is what we do - sell parking blocks, speed bumps and wheel chocks. (We thought Better Stops and wheel chocks was a little too long of a name so we became just Better Stops to make it easier for you the customer to remember! We do sell wheel chocks though!)


Our dedication can be summed up in one sentence:


“To sell the best products at the best price, without compromise”


This is us, period.

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